To Phone Or Not To Phone? The Real Vacation Question

Vacations are rife with decisions. This airline, or that? An orange dress, or a red one? By the time you leave, you’ll be fed up of making such choices. But, at the last moment, you face the most important one of all. To take your phone, or to leave it home?

Once, mobiles were all but useless to us abroad. Hence, the answer would’ve been a no-brainer. Now, roaming capabilities and wifi mean we can use our phones throughout our vacations.

But, does that mean you should? When going on a family holiday, you may want to leave it at home. You want to enjoy each other’s company without distraction. Your little one is sure to get bored if you’re on your phone all the time. Besides which, you could face excessive roaming charges without realising.

Even so, many of us opt to take our phones abroad with us. Here’s why you might want to consider doing the same.

For Emergencies

Phones offer a degree of security. If you lose track of your family when you have your mobile, you can ring them without hassle. Without it, you could spend hours searching for them in an instance like this.

Plus, having a mobile ensures you’re ready for an emergency. When vacationing with children, you can never be too careful. Slips and trips around the pool are commonplace, and having a phone to hand is the fastest path to treatment.


Not to mention that people back home may urgently need to contact you. If something happens in your family, or to your home, they’ll need to reach you.

Sharing The Enjoyment

Young children grow fast. In just a week or so, they could change in a myriad of ways. With your phone to hand, you can make sure their grandparents and loved ones don’t miss out on the experience. Sharing pictures using programs like Whatsapp, or sending a photo postcard online, will ensure they’re in on the action. Even better, options like these take no time at all. In a few seconds, you can share your vacation experience with the people who matter most. If you didn’t have your phone to hand, the only option would be looking for an internet cafe. These are often few and far between nowadays.

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Mapping Capabilities

The majority of phones come complete with programs such as Google Maps. These provide accurate directions from anywhere in the world. Many would argue that this in itself is reason enough to take your phone with you. This is especially important if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re visiting. If you and your family get lost, you’ll find it extremely difficult to find your way again. That is unless you have a phone which can direct you to where you need to go!

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Programs like these can also be a real help when planning your itinerary each day. You’ll be able to map your routes, and take advantage of anything interesting you’ll pass on the way!

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