Scanning The Body With An MRI

An open MRI is similar to a normal MRI, but there isn’t an enclosed tube. This is often a benefit for many people who are claustrophobic or who don’t like the loud sounds that are heard while in the traditional machine. After learning of some techniques to use for the open MRI machine and learning of some of the answers to what you might fear with the overall process, you might be a little more comfortable.

You usually don’t need to do anything at all to prepare for an MRI. There aren’t any restrictions on eating or drinking as the scan is simply a large picture of the body that is being made. There are a few things that might pose a hazard that you need to let the doctor know about, such as a pacemaker, tattoos, any metal implants or medication patches that you wear on a regular basis.

An MRI usually takes abut 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many scans need to be done on the body. Sometimes, the doctor will want a detailed scan of a certain area, such as the brain or the abdomen. Detailed scans often take longer to complete instead of a basic scan that only gets a general view of the body. While the scan is being done, you will need to hold as still as possible at certain times when the picture is being taken. This is to give the doctor the best look possible at the body. An open MRI is usually more comfortable than one that is closed. It’s a table with the scanning machine going around the table instead of a tube that you’re inside. This is beneficial for older patients who might not be able to move as well as others to lay on the table for a traditional machine. It’s also a better option for those who are obese so that they can have a scan done as well. Children will also find the open system a bit less frightening a a parent or a nurse can lay on the table with the child while the scan is done.

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Sick but Full of Energy

In her more than two years of existence, Bella has been hospitalized four times already. Usually, she was only required to stay overnight in the hospital then the next day her Pediatrician would advise official discharge because her vital signs and everything about her health is already normal. That has been the case for the first three admissions but the last one which was before her 2nd birthday last 2012, was really challenging.

Bella needed to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and 3 days for her to be properly observed. Despite her condition, this little girl has been very active as if she is not sick at all. Her waking hours was spent eating, playing and tinkering with anything and everything she sees. She would even insist to come with me in the bathroom and fiddle with the floor drain covers. I don’t know why she likes doing it but we are somehow happy seeing her that way. It was unimaginable that with the sickness and all that, she still has the energy to play and just be cool. She may be sick but she’s really full of energy.

I thank God for the strength that He gave Bella and I am also very grateful for the opportunity to take care of my little girl during the time when she needed the most love and care from her Nanay.

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Overcoming Acute Viral Gastroenteritis

 It is very painful for a mother to see her baby weakening due to sickness. It was more than a week now since Bella got out of the hospital due to Acute Viral Gastroenteritis with Moderate Dehydration. This was the first time I saw her go through this although I know that once in her life she  will eventually get  sick but I am still not prepared for it.
I am sharing this story for my readers especially for the mothers to know and understand its symptoms and how to overcome it based on our personal experience. I learned a lot from this one though hoping and praying that it will not cross our path again.
How  It All  Started
At around 2AM of Monday, my visiting sister and I were awaken by the sound coming from Bella’s behind then we saw that her  stool was watery. I thought it was just normal and after changing her diaper I go back to sleep. But after an hour she again gave out another watery stool and from then on I knew something is not right. 
By 6AM, she already had fever and when I checked it, her temperature went up to 38.5 degrees Celsius so I immediately gave her paracetamol for babies which are readily available at home. We went to her doctor by 10AM and we were given prescriptions. It includes Hydrite Powder  to be mixed with 250ml of water which will be given to her as fluid replacement every time she poops; Organic vitamins like Vitagard and Vitasquare and also Acidophilus which helps control diarrhea.  We were also advised to have her urine and stool tested if diarrhea persists for the next two days.
soundly sleeping
For the whole day, we just stayed inside the room while I was monitoring her temperature and giving her medicines. Late that afternoon, she started to vomit.   She vomits everything she eats. I was glad that Bella didn’t refuse her milk and even drinks her water with hydrite on it.  I was so worried seeing her that way so I send a message to her doctor and we were advised to give her 1.6ml of  Domperidone syrup hoping that her vomiting will gone.  I am just so thankful that her fever was gone that night.
Another day came but still no improvement on her condition despite the medicines we are giving her.  For the whole 24 hours, she poops and vomits like around eight to ten times or maybe even more. Early morning the next day, we finally decided to bring her to the hospital.
In The Hospital
After the usual Emergency Room SOP’s like resident doctor’s inquiries, getting the weight and all  Bella was given dextrose. At first it was supposed to be on her left hand but the nurse said that it was not appropriately placed so it was transferred to her right hand.
My heart was torn apart seeing Bella cry in pain. It was so unbearable seeing her so helpless. She was crying and looking at me as if asking me to rescue her. I can’t do anything but go on with the procedure and just be strong for her. Bella was crying out loud the whole time the nurses in the ER tried to put the dextrose into her.  It was just less than thirty minutes but it seems like forever to me. She was just ten months old and yet she has already experienced this kind of pain.
Part of the hospital’s SOP is to direct their patients in the ward so I requested to be transferred to a private room for Bella to have a comfortable and convenient place only to herself. That morning, she was given Immuno Zinc and another synthetic medicine which I forgot the name. We were also advised not to give her anything yet like milk or water to let the medicine work. 
with IV
Within the twelve-hour period that we were at the hospital Bella didn’t vomit although she poops like around 3 times. Her stool ( fat globules) , urine and CBC test results are all within normal limits except for her hemoglobin count which are relatively lower due to lack of sleep the previous days. Based on the laboratory results, the doctor’s diagnosis on Bella’s condition was Acute Viral Gastroenteritis with ModerateDehydration and she  was recovering fast although it was very obvious that she develops phobia when she saw nurses coming near her.
We were discharged from the hospital after twenty four hours with the advised that medications should be done continuously for another seven days. We were so happy because that day is also my mother’s birthday and Bella’s recovery is a birthday gift to my mom and of course to me and to the whole family.
What are the Possible Causes of Viral Gastroenteritis
Based on her stool laboratory results, no presence of bacteria or any virus but only fat globules. As explained by her doctor, it was caused by indigestion in infant which I agree. My mom likes to feed Bella breads and anything she can think of eating which may somehow caused it. We are also taking into consideration that since Gastroenteritis is viral; Bella possibly got it from my visiting nephew who first showed signs of Acute Viral Gastroenteritis.  Yoshi and Bella  are both sleeping in the same room with us and since it is air conditioned, virus are possibly transferred from one another. Although Yoshi has not been brought to the hospital, he and Bella are taking the same medicines and since he is a year older he somehow has a stronger immune system to combat Viral Gastroenteritis.
in her tita jing’s care
Overcoming Acute Viral Gastroenteritis


eyes swollen from crying
Even though Bella’s hospital sojourn was short, it greatly helped her recover. The monitoring, the medicines and the dextrose helped her speed up her recovery. I have also develop immunity to Bella’s whimper every time the nurse was around to check her vital signs or give her medicines. It hurt me really bad to see her cry and all I can do is comfort her  and let her feel my love and assure that everything is for her own good.
I have to choose and I chose what the best is for her and that to let her undergo medication the hospital. After a day in the hospital though less frequent,   Bella was still having a watery poops that is why her doctor advised to change her infant formula to a Lactose-Free one. I am still breastfeeding Bella but I am supplementing her with infant formula to prepare her for weaning anytime.
Lactose Free Milk
 Lessons and Realizations
Do not take chances with the life of your baby. In whatever sickness if you see that the symptoms persist immediately bring her to the hospital to be given proper treatment before it is too late. I thank God for giving me the wisdom to decide that before Bella will be severely dehydrated, we right away brought her to the nearest hospital. As a parent, always invest in your baby’s health because prevention is better than cure.  I would rather spend some penny in boosting her immunity which will give me peace of mind thinking that she can overcome whatever sickness that may come along rather than spending money for the hospital bills and even see her suffer all the more. 
That particular experience alarmed and pained me for I realized that I can overcome anything and everything in life and face it with strong heart but I am very fragile when it comes to Bella. She is just a baby and should not be in pain. I know that I should be prepared for whatever and just be strong.  I  always pray to God that He may bless Bella’s life and that she may grow up to be happy and healthy and become a child God wants her to be .  
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Bella Acquired Infection


In my previous post I talked about where Bella was given birth. Since the whole environment was not sterile Bella was infected. She was diagnosed with  Neonatal Sepsis, the term that is very unfamiliar to me. The NNF Teaching Aids defined Neonatal Sepsis as a clinical syndrome of bacteremia with systemic signs and symptoms of infection in the first 4 weeks of life. I don’t understand it either :).

2 days old  @ 11.21.11
Bella was tested for Complete Blood Count daily within 3 consecutive days because her initial result  was below normal due to infection and her platelet went as low as 21K/ul  wherein the normal should be at 147-347K/ul. Her blood samples were also cultured to check if her bloodstream was infected. To cure her infection, Bella was given antibiotics for seven days.


undergoing Phototherapy
On our 3rd day in the hospital,  her doctor noticed that Bella’s skin was becoming yellowish and that condition is called Jaundice. According to KidsHealth, jaundice is  a common condition in newborns and it refers  to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Whatever that means,  I am pretty sure that Bella needs further treatment.


In her left foot is a heplock -used for her antibiotics injection
Though Jaundice can be considered normal to newborn babies, I can’t help but worry seeing Bella so helpless with all of  those treatments. Bella’s doctor has ordered to let her undergo Phototherapy. It is a light treatment wherein a  phototherapy  light is use to eliminate bilirubin in the blood. These light waves are absorbed by the baby’s skin and blood and change bilirubin into products, which can pass through their system (credits to UM Mott Children’s Hospital).


The Phototherapy treatment lasted until the day we were discharged from the hospital. It was a 24/7 treatment and the  only rest was during bathing and diaper changes. Thank God, Bella is strong enough to surpass  all those treatments not to mention the antibiotics she’s taking three times daily and  the several times of  blood sampling which made her  cry her heart out. By the way, she’s  supposed to have Urinalysis but we weren’t able to get her urine samples for the nth time of trying  so her doctor decided to just let it pass.


Bella with the Photo Lights On


We were allowed to go home the day the last shot of antibiotics were given. It was the day my nephew Yoshi  chose to celebrate his first birthday  to also welcome Bella in the family. It was an emotional moment for me thinking that finally I can say that my little girl is now safe. By the way, her new born screening result is all within normal limits. I thank the Lord for giving Bella a strong heart to get over all those challenges. Our little bundle of joy is indeed a big warrior of life.

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