Children Change Everything…Or Do They?

Children change everything. There’s no getting around it, and would we want it any other way? Chances are, no. But, for our sanity, we still need something we can control. Everyone needs a hobby, as they say. As it’s where you unwind, it makes sense that the space you keep a hold on is your home. The only thing is, it’s also where your children relax. So, how can you keep control of your home when there are children running riot? It’s not as hard as you may think. All it takes is a little effort and a strict idea of how you want your home to be.

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How To Make Your Home The Perfect Temperature

Having the right temperature home might not be a priority to you at the moment, but it’s actually really important. Making sure your home is the right temperature helps your family to stay comfortable, even your pets! The temperature you want your home to be will totally depend on your location, and how your family feel most comfortable. However, there are lots of ways you can ensure the temperature of your home stays how you like it.

Make Sure Your Windows Are High Quality

If you haven’t replaced your windows for a while, then you should probably think about taking a look and making sure they are helping to keep your home the right temperature. With the wrong windows, you can let in draughts and even moisture which aren’t great for your family’s health! Read the rest of this entry »

Full House: There’s That Extra Space!

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Ever looked around your home and wished, like so many others, that instead of opening the door to the linen closet you’d discover three more empty rooms! While magic wardrobes and expanding tents are the stuff of kids books, it is possible, even exciting to realise that you’ve got a few more options than you originally thought! These days, family homes in suburbia tend to be three, or four bedroomed with one, or two bathrooms and possibly a lounge or family room. However, they’re also highly sought after, tend to come with astronomical price tags and estate agents often have a waiting list of buyers. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Less, Live More

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So many people in the US spend most of their lives working longer and longer hours, which means that they miss out on the really important stuff like watching their children grow and having fun with their families. Why do they do this? To buy more stuff. Sure, we all need to pay the bills to get by in life, but very few people need to work 50 plus hour to do so.

If you want to spend more time with your family, actually see your children grow up and have lots of time to spend on hobbies and projects, it’s simple – buy less and live more. You might think you like your stuff and life would suck without it, but do you really need those 3 TVs and all those expensive kitchen gadgets that rarely get used? Probably not. Sure, having the basics makes life easier, but once you go beyond the essentials. Most stuff just gives you more problem. Not convinced, check out these very real benefits of buying less: Read the rest of this entry »

Baby, It’s Beautiful In The Nursery

It’s exciting, having a baby. Not only are you going to be changing yourself to mature into a mother, you’ll be making changes at home so it becomes less of a home for two and more of a baby friendly environment. You don’t need to child-proof doors and stairs just yet, but you do have a nursery to get ready. For the first six months of life, your baby will be likely sleeping in your room to make those night feeds easier. After that? Well, baby will need their own space to sleep calmly. Putting that together is one of the most exciting aspects of parenthood and it also means Daddy can get involved!

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