OOTD Series: Yellow and Stripes

We seldom go out of the house or go to the mall so Bella didn’t get the chance to wear dresses as often as she wants to. The only time in the week that she can wear her favorite dresses are when we attend the Sunday Mass.

Bella’s OOTD last Sunday is a dress with yellow sleeveless bodice  and stripes skirt adorn with black belt.

What can you say about my little fashionista?

Dress: From Ninang Claire Newsom
Shoes: Korean Store
Necklace: Bazaar (Borrowed from Nanay)

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15 Responses to “OOTD Series: Yellow and Stripes”

  1. Awesome combination of colors and the cool sleeveless top. It’s a nice wear for summer.

  2. ganda ganda naman ni Bella. si Destine walang OOTD yun, paulit ulit lang ang kanyang mga dress, ambilis kasi nyang lumaki. :)

  3. Nova S says:

    she is so adorable with her yellow and stripe dress, it looks great on her, seems like you do have a natural model there.

  4. joy says:

    lively colors that will put little Bella in good mood :)

  5. Wow, Bella is looking so pretty na sis Rubie and she is a little fashionista like her Mama!

  6. jane says:

    omg! so much colour! feels like summer already! she looks very cute! even the shoes looks adorable!

  7. jo-anne says:

    I like the colors on her. Very vibrant and pretty just like Bella. (PS: Love the name)

  8. betchai says:

    oh so cute and adorable, sanay na sanay na talagang mag-pose si Bella, bagay na bagay sa OOTD :)

    anyway, love love her looks Rovs, you chose good color combination for her.

    same here, when I was Bella’s age, I get a chance to only parade my dress when going to the church :)

  9. che says:

    I like the dress! so colorful and really fits your princess.

  10. Pinx says:

    Oh my Bella! You are such a fashionista! I wish I could be as fashionista as you!!! Love your necklace and the skirt! Cute Cute cute!

  11. Awww! Bella you are growing beautifully each time I see your recent picture. You look so cute in your outfit. I like you sandal very much. You are one little fashion diva in the making :-)

  12. juliana says:

    Yaayy! The little fashionista is not shy. I like that, walang takot sa camera. How old is Bella na Sis?

  13. Anne Mary says:

    Hahaha ang cute, especially when she does the asian pose. Hehehe

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