Helping Your Child Love Nature

One way to encourage your child’s interest in nature is by going on outdoor trips.  These can range from hikes on walking trails to vacations that include camping and fishing in the woods.  Have your child help select supplies and equipment for your dog who will accompany you on your trips.  Give your child the job of caring for the dog.  Be one of the families who takes their dog along when they go on extended journeys; some bring them on skiing trips and outdoor vacations – even on exciting activities like whitewater rafting and canoeing.  Involve the kids in selecting items for your pet when preparing for your trip.  Let them find the Groupon promo codes and pick the items to order.

Bella with the waves

Orvis is the website you look to when seeking outdoor wear and equipment.  It is also the site you turn to for supplies for the family dog, your number one companion and friend.  You can get everything from a personalized collar to traveling dog beds, liners, and covers.  Dog owners can use a Groupon coupon to get their dog that special jacket or bowl for home or for an upcoming fishing or hiking venture at a savings that can’t be beat.  Those who depend upon service dogs will find just the items the dog needs to see that they are well maintained.

When your youngsters take care of the family dog they learn responsibility while also having an opportunity to better appreciate nature.  Let them be the ones who look after the dog on your next family hiking, camping or fishing trip.  When they have that authority it makes them assume a designated role and responsibility on the family outing.  That will be a great learning tool and family bonding experience.  And having the chance to take part in the selection and purchase of items for the dog can be a valuable learning experience for the children.  They can learn how to shop frugally using sales catalogues from sites like, and how to use online shopping to save money by using Groupon coupons and promo codes when they buy items for their family’s best friend.  All of this can be part of the wider experience of learning how to love and appreciate the natural environment we share with the family dog and with the world around them.

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