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Sort Out Your Money Before The Festive Season Arrives

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It might seem as though the festive season is already here. Particularly when you look in the superstores and discover that the Halloweens goods have, almost instantly, been replaced by festive wonders. But, no matter what your TV might say, no matter how many shops might be playing the music, it’s not here yet. There is still around five weeks until Christmas, and that’s more than enough time to get things sorted. Let’s face it, Christmas, for all the good it may bring, is just one massive expense. You know it, I know it, even your kids know it. But what if you’re not ready to spend all that money. What if your finances aren’t in a healthy situation right now? I have some ideas that should help you sort out finances before the festive season is truly upon us. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Way To Encourage Your Kid’s Creative Spark

Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do for your little ones is not to send them to a top school, or get them a private tutor but to encourage their creativity. In fact, getting in touch with our creative talents has benefits throughout life including being able to better express emotion, as well as a meditative-like quality that brings peace and joy. Even if, for some reason, the kids don’t continue with the artistic activity they did in their youth, just educating them on the value of being creative can stand them in good stead for future hobbies and careers. With all that in mind below you will find some easy ways you can encourage your kid’s creative spark.


Painting is, of course, the first activity that comes to mind when we think of creativity, and with so many different styles to have a go at it can make a great start for some fun activities that will get the kid’s creative juices flowing.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

A simple set of poster paints is a great creative start for kids.

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Take A Passion And Turn It Into A Business

When you start a business, one of the best ways is to focus on something that you have a passion for and see if you can find a way to make it profitable. We know that a lot of people start random businesses that seem like they are going to be easy to run. An example of this type of setup might be an ecommerce company.

While an ecommerce company might seem like a fairly basic setup, it’s important to realise that it’s still going to be a challenge. The problem is if you’re not committed to it or even interested in it, are you going to want to rise to that challenge? The answer? Most likely, not. Read the rest of this entry »