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Tips for Creating a Kid-friendly Garden Space

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Your garden should be an extension of your outdoor space. It should be a place where you can while away the hours having a good time with good friends and family. If you have kids, that can be tricky. They think that the garden is their own personal playground, which can make adult-time in the garden difficult if not impossible. Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Moments with Manay Yellie

One of the highlights of Bella’s 2013 is her second vacation to Tatay Bren’s hometown. Her first visit was when she was about six months old and since she was still a baby then, she don’t have much memories of how it was except if we will tell her stories or show old photos of it. This time however is so much different because she can exactly recall the events and the names of most of the relatives in the house especially Grandma Coroy, Mama Yong, Lola Mila, Mommy Malia and Daddy Incube,  Tita Florence and Tito Marlo, and most of all, her Ate, best friend, playmate and cousin Manay Yellie.

Manay Yellie is Bella’s only cousin in her father side. She was about ten years old and acts like a true Ate to Bella during our vacation. Bella was very fond of Manay as she understands her whims and demands especially if she wanted to play with Manay’s toys. They usually do things together and I am just thankful that they have spent quality time and created beautiful memories that they will cherish when they grow up.

Yellie would often refer to Bella as her younger sister and Bella considers Manay as her eldest sister too. Here are some of their photos together taken during our 5 – day vacation in Maasin, Iloilo:

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Bella and Her New Korean Friends

We had an unplanned family day out at Gaisano Mall some two weeks ago because Tatay Bren needed to see a dentist. Since the clinic is situated inside the mall, we decided to tag along Bella to also have a bonding time together. While waiting for Tatay to finish his appointment, Bella and Nanay went to Fun Maze to keep this little girl occupied.

After a few hours of playing all by her because she refused to play with other kids inside the playroom, these two Korean kids came in. I was surprised when Bella willingly played with them. She was actually the first one to go to the area where these girls are playing.

Unni Tooyoung (pronounced as too young), 8 years old and Joohee (English name is Joey, 5 years old are sisters. They are from Korea and will be staying in Davao in the next two years because they are studying English. Tooyoung told me that she is studying at Abba’s School.

Bella really had a great time playing with them which for me is weird because as what I have observed from her whenever she is in a public playroom, she would always want to play by herself and wouldn’t want to entertain nor mingle with other kids. But seeing how happy she was with her new Korean friends made me think why.

Was it because they are speaking English and Korean? I heard Bella mimicking them whenever they speak Korean although I don’t understand what Bella was talking; she seems to copy the tones of the Korean language. Or maybe Bella felt that they are really friendly and fun to play with so was interested to make friends with them.

Whatever the reasons were, all I know was Bella liked them a lot and she even refuses to go home when Tatay was already calling her. And the most striking for me was when Bella cried really hard when Unni Tooyoung and Joohee said goodbye to Bella. Poor little girl.

I do hope to meet these Korean kids again. I don’t know how and when but I’m sure when that happens, Bella would definitely shout and jump for joy just like the three of them did in the playroom.

For now, she’s making herself busy playing with the online design tool that I downloaded in her tablet but still talking about her new Korean friends every now and then.

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My Shopping Assistant

It was one early morning when I was asked to buy some important stuff for my sister-in-law. She had undergone a major medical procedure so she can’t go out of the house that easily. Since the needed things for her dressing are available in the nearby pharmacy and convenience store, I tag along this little girl who happens to be awake during that time. You know, she is my shopping assistant 😉

Upon entering the store, I instantly grab the first basket cart near the door entrance. I was planning to hold Bella in my left hand while I am pushing the cart on my other hand as I try to get the items I need from the display shelves. But to my surprise, my shopping assistant voluntarily pushes the cart as if she found a new toy. Good thing that the aisles are all clear and there were only a few shoppers that morning. She was as giggly as she pushed the cart from aisle to aisle. She looked like she was really having fun because maybe she thinks that she is in a playroom. Hehehe

When I am done getting all the things I need, I tried getting the push cart from her but she was so insistent about pushing it by herself which sometimes went out of direction as it crashed into some products on display several times. My shopping assistant seems so determined to really do her job that she even refused her favorite ice cream when I told her to get one but then ordered a bottle of water instead.

Tagging along Bella all the time can be a little difficult especially if I need to buy a lot of stuff but having her for an assistant makes the shopping more amusing as she learns and discovers a lot of things in doing this chore. I just hope she wouldn’t grow up to be a shopaholic. Hehehe

Goofing Around with Ate Leighanne

Ate Leighanne is Ate Jaime to Bella and she is as one of Bella’s best friends here in the neighborhood. This little one is always happy and excited whenever Ate Jaime is around. In fact, she would always wait for Ate Jaime to come to the house so they could play. Aside from watching educational DVDs, reading and playing with their toys, Bella also loves to goof around with Ate Jaime.

She would invite Ate Jaime to play inside her room but sometimes, they just practically goof around and have fun together as if they are the only people in the world. Whenever they are together, their joy and laughter seems very contagious and I can’t help by take a few snapshots of their memories together. As friends, they already have a lot of keepsakes and this foam memory in Bella’s room is one of them.

Bella looks up to Ate Jaime and she loves her very much. A lot times, we can see Bella hugging and kissing Ate Jaime. They even share food with each other and as a parent, I am very happy to see that they both have a normal and happy childhood. Thank you Ate Jaime for sharing great childhood memories with Bella and we are looking forward to more happy times together when you guys grow up. Cheers!