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Creating a Child Friendly Living Space

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Anyone with kids will know that they can and will get themselves into all sorts of situations and predicaments. This is all fun and games… until someone gets hurt. It’s so important that your home is a safe space for little ones. Here are a few things to watch out for and tips to create a child-friendly space without compromising on style. Read the rest of this entry »

Parents: Is Your Home Causing Harm To Your Children’s Health?

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We all worry about the health of our children and try to create a safe and healthy environment for them to thrive. But did you know that the biggest impacts on your kid’s health are often found in the home? Read the rest of this entry »

A Parent’s Guide to Planning for your Child’s Teenage Future

Your child was once a little bundle of joy, until one day you turned around and they were growing up faster than you could have imagined. Soon they will want to fledge their nest and go out into the wide world to find who they are. As a parent, you should be trying to plan their future in an all-around and robust manner. You should be their fountain of knowledge, to whom they come to ask about life and questions on, education and philosophical conundrums.

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Children Change Everything…Or Do They?

Children change everything. There’s no getting around it, and would we want it any other way? Chances are, no. But, for our sanity, we still need something we can control. Everyone needs a hobby, as they say. As it’s where you unwind, it makes sense that the space you keep a hold on is your home. The only thing is, it’s also where your children relax. So, how can you keep control of your home when there are children running riot? It’s not as hard as you may think. All it takes is a little effort and a strict idea of how you want your home to be.

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Sleep Hacks For Well Rested Kids

If there’s one challenge parents face that crops up time and time again, it’s the issue of bedtime. Families across the world struggle with unruly children at bedtime – kids just don’t understand the concept of getting enough sleep, which can, in turn, leave them angry and irritable during the day. It is paramount that your child gets enough sleep so that they can function normally in the daytime, and so they can excel at their classes. Failure to promote a workable bedtime routine in your children’s lives can lead to a potential lifetime of bad habits, and a poor relationship with sleep. The first step in ensuring that your child gets the restful night they need is making sure their bedroom is fully equipped for the task at hand. Here’s how you can do so.



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