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Buy Less, Live More

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So many people in the US spend most of their lives working longer and longer hours, which means that they miss out on the really important stuff like watching their children grow and having fun with their families. Why do they do this? To buy more stuff. Sure, we all need to pay the bills to get by in life, but very few people need to work 50 plus hour to do so.

If you want to spend more time with your family, actually see your children grow up and have lots of time to spend on hobbies and projects, it’s simple – buy less and live more. You might think you like your stuff and life would suck without it, but do you really need those 3 TVs and all those expensive kitchen gadgets that rarely get used? Probably not. Sure, having the basics makes life easier, but once you go beyond the essentials. Most stuff just gives you more problem. Not convinced, check out these very real benefits of buying less: Read the rest of this entry »

Sleep Hacks For Well Rested Kids

If there’s one challenge parents face that crops up time and time again, it’s the issue of bedtime. Families across the world struggle with unruly children at bedtime – kids just don’t understand the concept of getting enough sleep, which can, in turn, leave them angry and irritable during the day. It is paramount that your child gets enough sleep so that they can function normally in the daytime, and so they can excel at their classes. Failure to promote a workable bedtime routine in your children’s lives can lead to a potential lifetime of bad habits, and a poor relationship with sleep. The first step in ensuring that your child gets the restful night they need is making sure their bedroom is fully equipped for the task at hand. Here’s how you can do so.



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Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

As a wife and mother, I know that I have the responsibility to take care of myself especially that my family is very dependent on me in so many ways. Taking care of one’s self means taking care of your loved ones and all the people and things that matters to you. In my case, I really find it challenging to live a healthy lifestyle and be back in shape considering the busy schedule I have as a full-time mom, an online freelancer, a student and the many other roles in between. Huh, so many excuses!

Although I really wanted to stay fit and in shape, being busy and having a schedule so toxic gave me a good excuse not to exercise, go on a diet and have this thing called “healthy lifestyle”. But after seeing how disciplined my sister-in-law was when it comes to her food intake and in taking care of her health,  I decided to take a small step by  accepting  the challenge and started my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

I begun with  the “no rice diet” as I was so inspired with the lifestyle that my sister-in-law has. Aside from the fact that I really want to lose weight, I realized that it is high time for me to really take care of my health since I am not getting any younger anymore. My “no rice diet” plan has been going on since last June. It may not be as exclusive as the “no rice diet” per se because I also allow myself to indulge sometimes especially when stress are getting into me or whenever I feel like I needed to reward myself. The “cheat day” makes me feel relieved and energized as I continue my journey towards achieving my goal although it only happens once in a while and mostly during food blogging events. LOL

To set a little motivation, I started joining Zumba classes every once or twice a week. Thanks to a dear friend who introduces me to this kind of exercise. I know I could still enhance my diet plan by taking nutritional supplements, that way I would be able nourish my body with the appropriate vitamins and minerals needed for me to achieve my objective of having a healthy and fit body.

My journey to a healthy lifestyle is really challenging but aside from learning how to discipline myself, I have also learned how to endure and persevere. With this, I discovered that having a healthy and positive disposition in life is generally  helpful in  achieving a healthy life.

So to all the supermoms out there, let us take this journey together with a happy heart and believe that tomorrow is better than today. Let us love our self by staying healthy!

Originally published Sep 17, 2013.

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Have Things Been Going Bump In The Night?

Have you been hearing noises while you’re trying to sleep?

Maybe things have been going bump in the night?

It’s probably your kids getting in and out of bed. This often happens when they are unable to sleep, and get bored of trying. Most parents end up getting out of bed themselves to soothe their children and help them get back to sleep. This isn’t a good habit to get into, though, as it will just lead to lots of nights of broken sleep for both you and your kids. Ideally, you need to try and work on getting your children to sleep through the entire night. Here’s how you can do that. Read the rest of this entry »

The Positive Benefits of Competitive Horse Riding

According to the American Horse Council, approximately 480,000 people across the United States are involved in some form of competitive horse riding. For the average individual who owns a horse and who has been riding around on the horse for three or four years, deciding to compete in a horse show can be a very exciting and nerve-racking experience. There are a lot of benefits that younger riders get from engaging in horse competitions.

First, it gets a rider out of their comfort zone. Horse riders, just like everyone else, can find themselves in a rut. They come across the same people, they go through the same routine, and they ride the horse around in the same area every single day. At some point, the challenge that they first experienced when they hopped on a horse for the first time is gone. Now it’s just routine. Having a stagnant routine of riding your horse can become detrimental. This is because a rider can have certain challenges when they are on their horse, and so instead of addressing the difficulties they have, they create a routine that makes it so they don’t have to confront those challenges. They don’t ever get any better. The challenges they had when they got on the horse for the very first time are the same challenges they have years later. Read the rest of this entry »