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A Healthy And Child Friendly Picnic For Your Next Trip

Taking the little one out for a day can be so much fun, but it can also be a challenge to ensure that you are providing healthy snacks and meals for them when there are only fast food joints around. The perfect solution to this problem is to make a picnic before you leave, and to help you with this you will find some ideas and suggestions below.

Butterfly snack bags

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Top 6 Tips for a Top Halloween Kids Party

Thinking of throwing a Halloween party for your kids this year? Want it to be bigger and better than ever before? Read on for our top tips on things you can do to ensure this year’s kids halloween party is the best one yet.

halloween party kids

Start with the Front Door

What better first impression can you give for your halloween party than by theming your front door. Depending on the theme of your halloween party think about how you can theme your front door so that it looks as spooky as possible for when the guests start to arrive. Read the rest of this entry »

At Home with Jollibee

Being an institution in its industry, Jollibee is already a household name and it has become a part of childhood stories including Bella. If there is one brand that this girl will never forget, I am sure it would be Jollibee. We would often joke around teasing her about being one of the stockholders of Jollibee because aside from being the official pasalubong, it has also been part of Tatay’s  expense every pay day.

I went for some errands yesterday and since Ate Din is busy with her BBQ business, I decided to tag along Bella thinking that I will immediately be back home after paying the bills. My original itinerary was to go to the bank then settle some bills. I could easily do it in a grocery store near our place but since Bella is with me, I opted to go to SM City for a quick mom and daughter bonding time. Bella was so excited thinking that he could play at Zoofari but due to time constraints, I just let her do the Carousel ride. Good thing that she was so happy about it. Oh, simple joys!

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