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Wintertime Wonders: 5 Practical Home Upgrades You Should Make In Time For Winter

Winter is basically upon us, but you still have time to make a few upgrades to the home. With this being one of the most crucial parts of the year for your home, it’s vital that you make them ASAP.

Practicality should be the word on the tip of your tongue, and here’s how you can achieve it in style.

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Secure Your Home For Winter

cctv camera

Now that winter draws in, the clocks are going backwards and nights are long and cold; it is the perfect time for us to take some extra precautions and protect our home from the harsh weather conditions outside as well as from intruders. Read the rest of this entry »

Preparing For The Worst In Disaster Season

hurricane aftermath

Okay, so there might be no such thing as a disaster season. But, it seems as if this year has been the worst for floods, storms, and hurricanes. From Irma in the Caribbean to Aileen in the UK, the world is getting battered at the moment. Every homeowner thinks the same way – it will never happen to me. Not to scare you, but that’s what the people of Houston and Puerto Rico thought, too.

The truth is that a natural disaster can hit at any time and without warning. After all, Mother Nature is not a woman to mess with! Although this news isn’t comforting, what is comforting is the fact that you can prepare for the worst and limit the damage. Read the rest of this entry »