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Back To Basics: The Starting Point Of Attic Renovation

Let’ be honest; we could all do with more space at home. With a growing family and a house that’s doing no such thing, it’s important to make the most of any space you can find. Which is why many young parents opt for attic renovation. It’s the ideal way to make more room without tackling the mammoth task of moving house.

There are many articles about how to make the process of attic conversion, so that’s not what we’re going to focus on. Instead, we’re going to strip things back to basics. Before you even contemplate an attic renovation, you need to tackle the technicalities. Those are what we’ll be considering here. So, what technicalities are there?

The Condition Of Your Roof

Something many people fail to consider is the condition of their roof. You’re renovating the attic, after all. What does the roof have to do with anything? Put simply; it has a lot to do with everything when it comes to your attic space. Missing slates, for example, could lead to major trouble for your renovation if you don’t tackle the issue. Your attic is closer to the roof than any other room. As such, it’s the first place which will suffer if there’s a leak. Failing to check for issues like this before you start work could be a costly mistake.
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