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Finding Your Home Away From Home

If you manage to make enough money, then you’re not going to necessarily be moving home every time you buy new property. Rather, there’s a growing trend of investing in a second residence. In some areas, second-home ownership has gone up by 30% since the turn of the millennium. Some people are just sick of their homes. But why would you want another property, and where would you get it?

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How Does Your Home Hostess Kit Hold Up?

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At different occasions in life, you may find yourself required to play the perfect host. Sometimes, this is enough to spark a passion in you, and you enjoy playing hostess whenever the occasion calls for it. However, when you’re not used to it, you may find the entire idea completely overwhelming. Where should you start with your planning? What equipment will you need? How will you pull it all together? These can be the kinds of questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. From parties and luncheons to tea parties and more formal affairs, if you want to make sure you can make it al work, you need the perfect home hostess kit. So let’s take a look at what will go into that. Read the rest of this entry »

Wintertime Wonders: 5 Practical Home Upgrades You Should Make In Time For Winter

Winter is basically upon us, but you still have time to make a few upgrades to the home. With this being one of the most crucial parts of the year for your home, it’s vital that you make them ASAP.

Practicality should be the word on the tip of your tongue, and here’s how you can achieve it in style.

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