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Park Life: 3 Best European City Parks

When you’re going on holiday as a family, you want to try and find attractions that will excite and delight everyone. For the adults, you might crave the delights of art galleries and afternoons spent wandering around museums. Children, however, tend to need somewhere they can stretch their legs and enjoy themselves. Bringing both of these needs together can be difficult, to say the least.

As a result, many parents find that the city breaks of their pre-children years are no longer feasible once they start a family. This is a shame, given that many cities around the world are perfectly catered to adults and children alike. City parks are a wonderful way of bringing together the delights of a city and its culture, while still ensuring your children have somewhere to roam and play. Read the rest of this entry »

Just The Ticket! How To Fund A Family Vacation


Vacations for a lot of us are, unfortunately, few and far between, and if you’ve got a big family that is doubly so. And it can be hard to make your children happy if you are unable to take them on that trip to Disneyland they’ve wanted so much. But is there any way of saving up for a family vacation when you have a lot of outgoings and a big family? There is, but it requires a lot of sacrifices and a bit of pre planning… Read the rest of this entry »

Go To Nevada For Family Adventures Of A Lifetime

Just glancing at Nevada on the map, it looks big, square, and not particularly interesting, except for the small area around Las Vegas in the south. But the state is enormous, varied and full of wonders for families to enjoy together. Here are some of the adventures you and your family can have in Nevada.

Take A Trip To Lake Mead

It’s no secret that the Western United States is facing a water shortage crisis. Thanks to a lack of rain and the heavy use of water by farmers and cities, many lake beds are drying up. Thus a family holiday to Nevada now might be the last time you and your family get an opportunity to gaze over beautiful lakes, like Lake Mead.

Lake Mead Read the rest of this entry »