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The Journey to Boredom


Taking a drive anywhere with kids can be daunting, but the longer you’re sat in the car with them, the more entertainment you have to bring. It’s like a simple math equation: kids + car x length of journey = boredom. It’s not just limited to car journeys – planes, trains and boat rides are transferable, too. It doesn’t matter how old they are, but generally the older they get (towards teenage years), the more they can entertain themselves and are happy just keeping quiet in the back. However, the years leading up to this are the ones that you need to control and keep the fun coming…

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Helping Your Child Love Nature

One way to encourage your child’s interest in nature is by going on outdoor trips.  These can range from hikes on walking trails to vacations that include camping and fishing in the woods.  Have your child help select supplies and equipment for your dog who will accompany you on your trips.  Give your child the job of caring for the dog.  Be one of the families who takes their dog along when they go on extended journeys; some bring them on skiing trips and outdoor vacations – even on exciting activities like whitewater rafting and canoeing.  Involve the kids in selecting items for your pet when preparing for your trip.  Let them find the Groupon promo codes and pick the items to order.

Bella with the waves

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Happy Moments with Mommy

Our family does not live in a fancy home and we did not come from a well-off bloodline but we consider ourselves wealthy. Our family’s treasures are the love and the good relationship we have with each of the family members. Every one of us makes an effort to make every simple bonding time memorable just like my mom, Bella and Yoshi’s laugh trip 😉

It was one Sunday morning while we are preparing for church when Bella and Yoshi are playfully fighting over Mommy’s attention. They were settled and agreed to share a sit with Mommy by their side when mom told them that she love the both of them. That’s where the fun and happy moments with mommy begin 😉

Good thing that I have hubby’s iPhone to capture Bella and Yoshi’s joyful moments with mommy. This may be a simple thing for others but for us, moments like these are priceless. When these kiddos will grow up and get to see these photos and read this post , they will always be reminded by the loving attention that mommy and daddy gave them when they were kids. I am sure it will give them the courage to face the future knowing that they always have a family to come home with. Read the rest of this entry »

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Post Birthday Dinner Photo Opp

Our eldest nephew, Kuya Macky  celebrated his 13th birthday via a family dinner at Buffet Palace. I was the last person to finish eating because I let Bella eat first. While waiting for me to finish, Macky, Bella, Tita Jing and Tito Dong went ahead and have a photo opp outside the restaurant.

Kuya Macky in his Daniel Padilla look :)

The birthday boy preferred to use his 2-year old plain green t-shirt and paired it with a new jacket from Tita Rovie and a black Red Logo pants from Tito Bren. :)

Posing Ala Gangnam Style. She forgot to take off her bib though 😉 :)

And this little princess is also enjoying her time being in front of the camera. Some people have noticed her and find her cute with all those choreographed poses by no other than but herself, of course. :) Read the rest of this entry »

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Solariega Family Bonding

When my brother was home for a month-long vacation last July, one of our bonding activities was to go swimming at Solariega Country Club since the place is like a 5-minute drive from our own.

Aside from the accessibility, what we love most about the place is its privacy. The pool area is not so crowded and most of the time we have the whole place just to ourselves plus the boys get to play basketball in the nearby court. With the entrance pay of P50/ head and cottage fee of P150, we  get to enjoy the place for the whole day.

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