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Bonding Time: Fun Activities To Bring A Family Together

Life can be so busy and complicated a lot of the time that you often don’t get to spend nearly as much time doing the things you want to do as you would like. This can be especially tough when you have a family. It’s strange to say, but you often find that, even though you all live in the same house, it’s hard to actually find the time to spend with your family. Not only can this be frustrating and sad but it can have a pretty negative impact on your relationships with each other. You start to lose that sense of teamwork and togetherness that families are built on. Luckily, there are always things that you can do to help bring your family closer together again. Here are a few fun and simple activities that you can try in order to bring your family together and help you connect with each other better than ever before.

A camping trip

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A Parent’s Guide to Planning for your Child’s Teenage Future

Your child was once a little bundle of joy, until one day you turned around and they were growing up faster than you could have imagined. Soon they will want to fledge their nest and go out into the wide world to find who they are. As a parent, you should be trying to plan their future in an all-around and robust manner. You should be their fountain of knowledge, to whom they come to ask about life and questions on, education and philosophical conundrums.

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Folks, Enjoy Your Garden This Summer!

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Summer is on the way! Yes! Let’s face it – it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year. The sun doesn’t set until late, the weather gets warm, and it just feels like a relaxing time. Could it get any better? Don’t get too excited, but of course it could get better. If you’re one of those people with an unused garden, you’re missing a trick as the backyard is awesome fun for all the family in the summer. With that in mind, it’s time to enjoy what you take for granted this year, and here are a few tips that will help.

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Save Money on Family Vacations

A family vacation is a great opportunity to get away from the business of daily life and take time to connect with one another in a meaningful and enjoyable way. By keeping pleasurable family connection time as the primary goal of your vacation, you open up your vacation options to a wide range of possibilities, many of which are quite inexpensive.  You and your family can make your vacation whatever you want it to be.

Go On Vacation While Staying At Home

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The Journey to Boredom


Taking a drive anywhere with kids can be daunting, but the longer you’re sat in the car with them, the more entertainment you have to bring. It’s like a simple math equation: kids + car x length of journey = boredom. It’s not just limited to car journeys – planes, trains and boat rides are transferable, too. It doesn’t matter how old they are, but generally the older they get (towards teenage years), the more they can entertain themselves and are happy just keeping quiet in the back. However, the years leading up to this are the ones that you need to control and keep the fun coming…

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