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Scanning The Body With An MRI

An open MRI is similar to a normal MRI, but there isn’t an enclosed tube. This is often a benefit for many people who are claustrophobic or who don’t like the loud sounds that are heard while in the traditional machine. After learning of some techniques to use for the open MRI machine and learning of some of the answers to what you might fear with the overall process, you might be a little more comfortable.

You usually don’t need to do anything at all to prepare for an MRI. There aren’t any restrictions on eating or drinking as the scan is simply a large picture of the body that is being made. There are a few things that might pose a hazard that you need to let the doctor know about, such as a pacemaker, tattoos, any metal implants or medication patches that you wear on a regular basis.

An MRI usually takes abut 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many scans need to be done on the body. Sometimes, the doctor will want a detailed scan of a certain area, such as the brain or the abdomen. Detailed scans often take longer to complete instead of a basic scan that only gets a general view of the body. While the scan is being done, you will need to hold as still as possible at certain times when the picture is being taken. This is to give the doctor the best look possible at the body. An open MRI is usually more comfortable than one that is closed. It’s a table with the scanning machine going around the table instead of a tube that you’re inside. This is beneficial for older patients who might not be able to move as well as others to lay on the table for a traditional machine. It’s also a better option for those who are obese so that they can have a scan done as well. Children will also find the open system a bit less frightening a a parent or a nurse can lay on the table with the child while the scan is done.

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A Reliable Headphone

In my pursuit to be productive even if I am a hands-on full time mom to my 4-year old daughter, I accepted a home based job as a Virtual Assistant. The work is light and very manageable and the pay is also above the current minimum rate in the industry. Since I work offshore, there are times that I get to talk to my clients or colleague via Skype and to be able to hear them clearly; I am using a reliable headphone.

My daughter thought that using headphones was cool and I just saw her one day with an in-ear headphone while listening to her favorite music in her tablet. She indeed looks cool with it but we reminded her to moderate the volume of the music so that she could hear it properly and not harm her eardrums.

Sick but Full of Energy

In her more than two years of existence, Bella has been hospitalized four times already. Usually, she was only required to stay overnight in the hospital then the next day her Pediatrician would advise official discharge because her vital signs and everything about her health is already normal. That has been the case for the first three admissions but the last one which was before her 2nd birthday last 2012, was really challenging.

Bella needed to stay in the hospital for 2 nights and 3 days for her to be properly observed. Despite her condition, this little girl has been very active as if she is not sick at all. Her waking hours was spent eating, playing and tinkering with anything and everything she sees. She would even insist to come with me in the bathroom and fiddle with the floor drain covers. I don’t know why she likes doing it but we are somehow happy seeing her that way. It was unimaginable that with the sickness and all that, she still has the energy to play and just be cool. She may be sick but she’s really full of energy.

I thank God for the strength that He gave Bella and I am also very grateful for the opportunity to take care of my little girl during the time when she needed the most love and care from her Nanay.

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She Is Well and Happy

After her overnight  hospital vacation, Bella was still a bit sick due to teething. She became stable on the day Bren celebrated his  40th birthday, that was five days after she was hospitalized. Right now, she is already well and back to being healthy and happy baby. Thanks God!=)
Teeth… and more!
It is expected that babies can sometimes get sick due to the changes in their bodies especially during teething which others consider normal. But as a mother I am still nervous every time Bella is sick or not feeling well, that is the reason why I would prefer to have her treated in the hospital than do the usual home medication. For me, the health and safety of Bella must come first and it would give me peace of mind if she is in the hospital.
I know that being sick is inevitable especially for babies and because of that,  I am taking  extra precaution as well as prevention for Bella.  On top of her regular vitamins, she is now taking natural food supplements. I am really hoping and praying that she will grow up to be  a healthy and happy person. 
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Hospital Vacation

I think the title of this post is the subtle way of saying that Bella was again  confined to the hospital some few days ago. What happened was really unexpected, but thank God we managed to bring her to the nearest hospital when her seizure took place. We were actually on our way home from my driving practice when it happened. Earlier that day, she showed some signs of fever but I thought it was manageable so I just gave her sponge bath and  vitamin C and it really didn’t occur to me that she will have seizure that day because she was still walking and playing some few minutes ago before that incident.
This was the third time that it happened to her and  her doctor told us that this will possibly recur until she’s 7 years old. I was totally freaking out but praying hard while trying to revive her by putting some ice on her head and her armpit on our way to the hospital. Our little girl was totally helpless but I can see that she’s also fighting for her life because she’s already half-conscious though a bit delirious. Oxygen, IV and a paracetamol suppository was immediately given at the Emergency Room. The nurse in the ER  find Bella’s temperature a little strange because it was already normal before all those things were given. A chest X-ray was also ordered by her doctor before we finally settled to her room. I always chose private room whenever we are in the hospital that way I can be sure that Bella can have some privacy and  at least a feeling that she is just in her room. 
Bella is already asleep at around 8PM  but I never had a single nap checking on her the whole night. She woke up by 12MN  for her second dose of paracetamol. Although crying, she took the meds helplessly. She will not drink her milk afterwards but preferred to have NOVA as midnight snack… all to herself. =)
Munching NOVA at 12 midnight….
She was really enjoying her Nova but everything was spoiled  when somebody from the laboratory came in to get her blood sample for the CBC test. She cried harder this time and I feel like crying too but I need to be strong for her. I just thank the Lord that for the whole night,  her temperature was generally normal and by the next morning the doctor granted my request that her IV be removed for her to be more comfortable. My little Bella seems like not sick at all; playing and walking like there’s no tomorrow early that morning.

The utility box as her car…
Tatay Bren pushing her car and holding her IV or else she won’t go near him…

We were discharged from the hospital after 24 hours because all her laboratory results were normal and her fever was just viral  although her X-ray result showed that she has a mild pneumonia but  her doctor said that it can  be treated at home. We thought that everything about her is  already stable but that night her fever  came back and it happened repeatedly for  five days already. I am so bothered about it so I  brought her to her doctor for another check up this morning. Her doctor have prescribed dental paste and an ointment for her gums and skin lesions found near her mouth but good thing is,  this time the fever is all gone.

As of the moment, she is playful but kind of lost her appetite for food because her gums are sore due to teething. There are like 4 teeth starting to show up both on her upper and lower gums. Her medication is still on going until the next few days. I’ve had  sleepless  nights since Wednesday to check  on her because she seems to have fever every early evening and during dawn.

I am really praying and hoping that she well get better soon. Bren will be celebrating his 40th birthday tomorrow and Bella’s good health is the best gift that he would want to have on his special day. I took a week off from my online work and also from blogging. I would like to apologize for not returning your visits and thank you very much for all your support and understanding. 

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