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Unique Birthday Celebrations For Your Little One

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Any parent will be able to tell you the standard routine when it comes to attending kids’ birthday parties. After all, we’ve been to too many to count, as kids tend to have a much larger friendship groups than adults do and chances are that you’ll be attending classmates’ celebrations throughout the entire year. So, here’s the drill: the parents rent a hall, around half an hour is spent keeping an eye on kids running around excitedly as guests filter in, an hour of party games with around a half hour interval for food, then everyone sings “Happy Birthday”, the cake is cut, party bags are handed out, and everyone goes on their merry way. This is pleasant. The kids enjoy themselves, and everyone (hopefully) goes home contented and worn out, ready for bed. But if you’re planning on something extra special, you may want to break away from this mold a little. Here are a few unique birthday party ideas for your kids! Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding Daze; Mistakes Made In The Rush To The Altar

Whether you are a bridesmaid, a future bride or even the groom, there are a few things that you need to think about in the lead up the wedding. Essentially, you need to know what can go catastrophically wrong. This can be everything from the fact that the dress doesn’t fit to the wedding needing to be called off due to bad weather.

Why is it important to be aware of these issues? Well, for the bride, you want to make sure that your special is pitch perfect with not even a rosebud in the flower arrangements out of place. As for bridesmaids, it’s your job to keep the lady of honour happy all the way through the wedding process. Goodluck!

About That Dress

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Child-Friendly European Destinations for the Perfect Family Holiday

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Having a child doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve come to the end of an era in terms of travelling. You can take your little one anywhere. If anything, it’s beneficial for them to go on trips every now and then, as it will widen their perspective and open their eyes to new and exciting cultures other than their own. However, that’s not to say that everything will go swimmingly. Obviously, travelling with a little one is more difficult than going it alone or with a group of friends. After all, you’re responsible for another’s happiness, health and wellbeing as your own. However, there are certain destinations that are particularly child-friendly and will ensure that both you and your little one have the perfect break away from the usual routine. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going. Read the rest of this entry »