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Motherhood is the foremost and the most grandiose mission every woman should complete and just like apple trees give apples, women were created to procreate. There is a typical belief that women can not live without a man’s love, yet once the child is born, a totally new feeling of joy carries the young mother into the world of true love, which can exist only between a parent and a kid. The unselfish love we all dream about, starts in the second when young family discovers their small project succeeded. The little heart beating in the mother’s womb feels everything that is going on outside the mother’s body. Staying positive and calm is extremely important when you have a new life growing inside of you – there could be no quarrels, no negative thoughts and no negative people around you. For the next 9 months you should take care of your body and mind as you never did before. Be sure, your patience will pay off very soon. Moms all around the world experience same problems in the period of pregnancy. Certainly, there is nothing you can do with morning toxemia and tiredness, yet whenever you feel down, try to remember the great mission our dear God gave you and celebrate every moment of your pregnancy as it is the happiest period in your life.


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A New Guitar for Her

One of Tatay and Bella’s favorite bonding activities is to play musical instruments. Tatay grew up in a family of musicians where music was part of their daily activity. So if he is not busy at home, he usually spends most of his time teaching Bella how to play guitar and beatbox. I hope Bella will continue to enjoy playing musical instruments as she grows.

A few months from now, she will be celebrating his 4th birthday and just like the previous year, there will be no grand birthday celebration but I might consider buying her an imported guitar. I hope I can find free shipping for it so I can save more.

Baby Prep 101: 5 Things To Do Before The Baby Arrives

You are nearly at the end of your pregnancy, which means you are going to be meeting a special little someone pretty soon! Before you head off to the hospital to give birth, have you made sure that you have everything in order? Here are five important things to remember to do before the baby arrives.

Pack Your Bag

Make sure that you pack your bag early and have everything that you will need for the hospital ready in your overnight bag. When planning for what you will need, make sure that you include your maternity wear, including bras, clothing and sanitary items. It might be a good time to check out some stylish maternity wear so you have something nice to put on when you are taking baby home from the hospital. For some stylish maternity wear online, go to this URL . Read the rest of this entry »

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