A Reliable Headphone

In my pursuit to be productive even if I am a hands-on full time mom to my 4-year old daughter, I accepted a home based job as a Virtual Assistant. The work is light and very manageable and the pay is also above the current minimum rate in the industry. Since I work offshore, there are times that I get to talk to my clients or colleague via Skype and to be able to hear them clearly; I am using a reliable headphone.

My daughter thought that using headphones was cool and I just saw her one day with an in-ear headphone while listening to her favorite music in her tablet. She indeed looks cool with it but we reminded her to moderate the volume of the music so that she could hear it properly and not harm her eardrums.

Future Equestrian

I have observed Bella’s fascination with animals especially with horses when she was about a year old. She saw a real horse during that age at Malagos, Garden Resort and I first blogged about her love for horses last May 2013. I thought she has already forgotten it but when she saw a real horse again in our recent Bukidnon trip, she can’t help but come near it. Her Tita Din told me that she even fed the horse with grasses. I find it a little scary actually but Tita said that Bella was having a great time.

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Family Duet

One of our family’s bonding times is singing especially now that Tatay Bren is always in the house. Once he started strumming his guitar, we usually gather near him and started singing just any song especially now that he is practicing more of our household meeting songs.

Just last week, Bella and Tatay were invited to represent our cluster in the family duet during the Provincial Kids Village in the city. Initially, we are really hesitant to accept the invitation thinking that Bella would really be shy to sing in front of many people. But then again, because we believe that by doing so we are glorifying the Lord, we decided to give it a go and start practicing a song that Bella is familiar with. It was actually a father and daughter duet but I was there every time they practice to show my support especially to Bella.

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